About 12 MiniBattles

12 MiniBattles is an intriguing arcade game in which you have an opportunity to experience 12 different minigames like soccer, wrestling, golf, and archers.

Welcome to this fun entertaining game! Coming to this game, you will not only play one game but you can experience 12 different types of games. If you get bored playing a game continuously, you can come to this game to be able to change the game continuously. You will see 12 games stacked on the screen and they are locked. You need spins to choose the game you will play.

Features of 12 MiniBattles

  • 12 different games
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics
  • Classic graphics

Some rules in the 12 MiniBattles game

If you go into the copters game, you will have to control two helicopters to fight each other. Get points when you are the helicopter at the top when 2 helicopters collide. The helicopter that scores more points within the time limit wins. If you go back to the Fly game, you continue to control the helicopter but you will need to collect ammo in the air and shoot down the enemies first to gain points.

In addition, if you go back to the Gangsters game, you'll have to control two characters to pick up guns across platforms and shoot down enemies. Win points when you shoot down opponents. There are many other games waiting for you to discover. Even, you can try basketball as the Five Hoops game.

How to control

  • Press the A key for the red team.
  • Press the L key for the blue team.
  • This game has simple gameplay. You just need to get more points in each game to win. The game is designed for two players with simple controls. You just need to press the A button to control the red side and press the L button to control the blue side.