About Electron Dash

The objective of the Electron Dash game is to guide your character through various obstacles and run as far as possible.

You have the chance to enjoy the game's stunning graphics and effects by taking part in it. Stunning turquoise tunnels can be found. These routes are like running on gem roads for your astronaut character. Behind the platforms, in particular, you can view the starry sky. The bright stars appear to be supporting your progress.

The gameplay of Electron Dash

You will take on the role of an astronaut who is traveling the unending journey in space in this game. There are many risks and difficulties on these roads. Controlling this astronaut is your job. You have to get through every obstacle and earn the maximum score you can.

Move your character across an endless tunnel. You are free to move around the tunnel's edges. In order to prevent running into obstacles or falling into space, you can also leap into this tunnel. The game will end if you go into space.

This game belongs to the running category. In order to enjoy new experiences, you can try Buildy Island 3D, Alien Shoot Zombies, and Basket Random.