About Watermelon Drop

Introducing the game Watermelon Drop

Welcome to the popular fruit-matching game Watermelon Drop. Coming to the game, you will experience the process of creating new mutant fruits. If you have ever participated in the game Merge Fruit, you will see that the game Watermelon Drop has quite similar gameplay. But coming to this game you will have a few new rules that bring moments of more addictive experience than ever.

How to graft fruit

To have an effective fruit grafting process before grafting fruit, please observe the fruit grafting diagram. This diagram is below the fruit grafting area. The fruit development process will start from blueberries, then apples, lemons, bananas, oranges,... to the largest fruit, watermelon. Similar fruits will combine together to create new fruits that are larger than the original fruits. The fruit grafting process continues until the fruits fill the grafting area. fruit. This process will make you unable to take your eyes off because the combinations are so attractive and vivid. If you want to aim for a high score in this game, try to match as many fruits as possible.

Special features in the game

The game gives you more fruit matching opportunities when you use the help feature included in the game. This help feature is divided into two different types. The first type is that you will be helped to explode a type of fruit you want. If you want to use this help, explode the largest fruit because it will give you more space to continue grafting, or you can choose a fruit that benefits the grafting strategy. your results. The second type of help is the natural shaking ability, in this help you will be able to use it 3 times. When the shaking process occurs, the fruits will collide with each other and create beautiful fruit grafting waves that help reduce the fruit grafting area. Both of these supports are extremely useful for you, so use them at the right time to be able to maintain fruit grafting longer.

Watermelon Drop online

You can play the game on web browsers on your phone, laptop or computer. In the game the player can use the keyboard or mouse to move the character left and right to position the basket and catch falling watermelons. Let's enjoy hours of wonderful gaming now!