About Little Big Snake

Start the survival game in the snake world in Little Big Snake now! Try to eat to increase your score and size and rank at the top of the map.

Are you prepared to learn how a snake survives? You will compete against other players every day in this fantastic game to become the biggest snake in the pit. To perform tasks, improve your abilities, and eliminate rival players, use snakes. Get the better of your adversaries by avoiding them and forcing them to charge at you. This is one of the best survival games. It is loved by many people, like Among Us Online Edition and Bomber Friends. After they consume the sweet nectar that is still left over, they gather keys, artifacts, and other items to unlock levels, quests, and allies.

You must guide your small snake around the map in the game Little Big Snake. Increase your size, talents, and abilities by ingesting the nectar and energy that your adversaries have left behind. As you develop into the ultimate Little Big Snake, disrupt the food chain. Avoid encountering other gamers who could quickly kill you. You must find a way to expand, grow, and achieve a high enough score. You will see your final score if your opponent kills you. Also, try to accumulate enough medals. This won't be simple.

How to play

You use the mouse to control your snake to move.