About Skateboard Master

Race of the best skaters: Skateboard Master

One of the most popular 3D skateboarding games is this one. Why not play this extremely fun windsurfing game now? This adventure game is very interesting. As the main character in the game, start surfing on the skateboard. It will test the player's adaptive character control. You have to change your sensitivity to face problems of various degrees! In the video game Skateboard Master, there are five different characters. Each character is designed differently. However, the cost to unlock them is the same. With 2000 coins, it is possible to unlock randomly.

Skateboard Master game mechanics

You should run as far as possible. Keep in mind to avoid any roadblocks when you travel. In the event of a collision, the game is over. A green speed board will also be present, of course. It will help you skate faster, so you should use it to skate. A red palette will slow you down, so avoid them. On these boards, if you move too much, your character will stop and the race will end. Also, using ramps will allow you to overtake other players.