About Cubes

Are you ready to take on the challenge in the game Cubes If you are a snake game lover, then this is one of the fresh versions you should try. In addition, this game is also a great suggestion for players who love the 2048 game but want to find a new 208 game. Your goal is to move across the screen, devour those with lower numbers than you, and collect blocks with numbers. When two blocks with the same value collide, they combine. You can speed up or run away from your opponent by using power-ups.

Graphics and sound

Graphics and sound of Cubes is considered simple but lively and attractive. Numbered blocks with different colors are created in the game using 3D images. You will be attracted to the shapes because of their vivid colors. The game's audio is very detailed and includes sounds of collisions, eating blocks, using power-ups, and being devoured by opponents. These sounds make the player feel tense and predictable.