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About Roller Baller

Are you ready for the amazing journey of the earth in the Roller Baller race? The earth will move by rolling like a ball on the brick blocks. This speed race takes place in dark space. That is the vast galaxy. If you love space themes, then this is the perfect game for you. The game has many levels, with the challenge increasing with each level. The rock blocks are not adjacent. There is a lot of space, so when the crash falls you will have to start again. This is a big difficulty when you move and combine the rolling and jumping skills of the earth at the same time. Try to cross the rocky road to reach the green lawn. When you get the ball back to the green lawn, you have completed the assigned task and moved to the next level.

Suggest some tips for you to do better in this race

Are you an observant person? In the game Roller Baller, the player must carefully observe the obstacles of the game screen before moving the ball. This observation is intended to capture the road ahead. You can be more proactive in adjusting ball speed and choosing the right jumping point to overcome obstacles. The first time you do it, it's easy to fail. This is not disappointing because it is these tests that will help you remember the path and have a more suitable way of rolling the ball. After mastering the ball-rolling speed and performing the jumps, you will definitely conquer this challenging game. I wish you had set a new record on the leaderboard.