Slope game

About Vex 6


A fantastic running action game for a single player is Vex 6. To run as far as you can, you must get past the challenges and stop at the checkpoints.

Races have never been this exciting until the release of Draw 6. The sixth version of the running game series, which fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting since the series' first release, has officially been released. Are you interested in this new game publisher offering? Start the game now and put yourself to the test. Are you prepared to engage in this?

Deadly barriers are constantly prepared. They are all extremely dangerous to touch because doing so will result in your immediate death. Avoid using grinders, spike wheels, and other sharp objects. This variation allows you to acquire costumes for your avatar by collecting gold coins along the journey. Additionally, you can always take on the daily tasks and extra levels. Check out the Trophies Section to see your accomplishments.

How to play

To navigate, press the arrow keys or WASD.