About Basket Random

Basket Random is an awesome sports game where you beat opponents by gaining more points at each match. Throw balls into the opposing team's basket and win!

You are a big fan of basketball, but you cannot go out to play it with your friends because of the lockdown, right? Don't worry! Click to play this game now. It will certainly cheer you up and meet your passion.


In this game, your objective is to fight and score as many field goals as possible to win over the opposing team. In a basketball match, there are two teams in a match and each team includes 2 members. Each member plays a different role such as a dunker and a defender.

  • The dunker: He stands in the center of the basketball court. He is responsible for handling and shooting the ball. During the match, you need to control the dunker to move into the rival's courtside and then steal the ball from them. Whenever the dunker gets the ball, take control of him to jump in the air and throw the ball into the basket to score. Try to perform impressive slam-dunks to get a high score.
  • The defender: His position is behind the dunker. He needs to prevent the opposing offense from scoring baskets. Whenever your opponent is attempting to throw the ball into the basket, control the defender to jump or lie down to stifle his scoring opportunities.

Actually, it is difficult to control Stickman because they are uncontrollable and their movements are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to use your quick fingers and reflexes to control them. You will get one point if you can successfully throw the ball into the basket. The team that gets five scores first will be the winner.

Game modes

This game offers two modes including 1 PLAYER and 2 PLAYER. Each mode has a unique feature. For a 1 PLAYER, you have to compete with the CPU. However, don't underestimate your opponent as the computer is really strong. It's also a chance to practice your basketball skills. Contrarily, if you want to play this game with your friends, select the 2 PLAYER mode. This mode allows you and your friends to play this game on a computer. Choose your favorite basketball team and start playing the game now. Do your best to beat your friend to get a victory.

How to play

  • PLAYER 1: Press a W key to control
  • PLAYER 2: Press a UP ARROW key to control

More noteworthy things about Basket Random

Basketball Courts

The playing field and players' uniforms will change after each match, so you will have a chance to practice basketball in different areas and under weather conditions. For example, the basketball court is right next to the beach or in the backyard filled with heavy snow. Additionally, it can be located in the park in the city or the gymnasium.

Random Physics

In each basketball match, the characters will get physics at random. Here's the list of physics in the game.

  • Long Arm: If the characters have long arms, they can easily steal the ball from the rival.
  • Light Ball: The light ball can bounce very high and fly very far.
  • Heavy Ball: As the ball is made of iron, the ball is very heavy. It can't bounce and flies at a short distance. Therefore, you need to come close to the opposing team's basket to throw the ball into it.
  • Short Arm: If the characters have short arms, they can't throw the ball into the basket from a long distance. For that reason, you should control your character to come close to the rival's basket to make a slam dunk.
  • Large Hoop: It will help to increase your dunking chance. Therefore, you can throw the ball into the basket from a long distance.

Platforms of this basket random game

This game was released in April 2020.

Now, this game is available through a web browser and an Android app.