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About Cookie Clicker City

Don't miss today's most popular clicker game Cookie Clicker City! Use the idle mouse click to build your own beautiful cookie world.

In an empty kingdom, There is a giant cookie waiting for you to mine. Do you want to build a land against a beautiful cookie kingdom? this is really cool and it's a great idea. Join the very interesting Clicker City cookie idle clicker game to be able to unleash your creativity and build the factories and bakeries that you like.

Your task is to click and click. To create a cookie, you need to persist in clicking. When the number of cookies you make is quite large, you can exchange them so that the visit generates more cookies. If you do that, the cookie city building process will also be faster. In addition, it is necessary to build and upgrade the biscuit factory. Machines will help you to produce faster and more stable. You won't need to make multiple clicks anymore. Those are a few tips you need to keep in mind when playing this game.

Game Cookie Clicker City There are five main stages in the game's development. You can build up to 18 buildings at a time to expand your city and increase production by upgrading them to the highest production level. There are about 600 upgrades and 700 achievements unlocked in this game so there's a lot of fun waiting for you to discover.

How to play

Click to create cookies