About Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Join the game Geometry Dash Bloodbath to experience the exciting obstacle course! Control the block to jump over all the spikes that appear on the track.

Are you ready to join the thrilling obstacle race in the game Geometry Dash Bloodbath? You have a long fascinating road ahead with many obstacles. There are a lot of spikes on this stretch of road. You have control over a rapidly growing block. Players face a serious challenge with this. To master this game if you are new, you will need some practice. The game's incredible graphics and sounds are a unique feature not to be missed. You will definitely be full of energy when the race begins! Start playing Geometry Dash Bloodbath right away!

In the game Geometry Dash Bloodbath, your goal is to control your block and overcome thorns while still being able to master its dizzying speed. Calculate your jump path carefully to land in the safest place, avoiding spikes and spikes. Geometry Dash Bloodbath will help you to improve your reflexes and concentration.

How to play

To move your square and perform a leap, you can either use the left mouse button or the arrow keys.