About A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing is a climbing game that challenges your iron hands. Control your hands to hold firmly on the rocks to avoid falling into the sea.

The game is full of skill

If you want to practice your climbing skills, this game will not disappoint you. Normally when climbing, you will need support items such as ropes or some other climbing equipment, but in this game you will experience climbing without protective gear. Therefore, your climbing skills need to be highly concentrated otherwise you will fall freely into the sea. First, focus on your movement skills when climbing. One wrong step can cost you your life. Next is the observation skill, move to new mountains to continue conquering new heights instead of hanging around low mountains. The skillful combination of skills will bring you an exciting and unforgettable climbing experience.

Overcome all obstacles

The path you climb will have some obstacles, such as weak rocks that can cause you to slip and fall. There are also other dangerous obstacles that hinder your progress.

How to control

Click left and right mouse to control the left hand into the right hand. Be careful to move each hand one at a time, if you move both hands it means you will have no grip and you will fall immediately.