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About Fish Eat Fish

In the game Fish Eat Fish, you are a small fish. You want to explore this ocean. But you are too small. You are the prey of other giant fish. To survive in this environment, you need to grow up fast. By eating smaller fish, you will be able to increase your size. This helps you limit the dangers around you. The bigger your size, the fewer the dangers. Because now there are very few fish bigger than you. Mostly other small prey.

Tips for you to conquer this ocean survival game

First you start the survival life of a small fish. You will feel satisfied when the speed of this fish is very sharp. You are now the prey of most other fish, so you must pay close attention to your safety. If you are not alert, you will be immediately swallowed by the great fish. You hunt by eating the smallest fish. When your size has increased a little, it is easy to be mistaken. Sometimes you won't compare your size with fish a little bigger than you. This is a trap that makes you rush into it. This will cause you to take your own life. So look carefully before going to hunt with any fish. I hope you soon become a giant fish in the ocean.