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About Super Brawl

Introducing to everyone a great two-player game. Welcome to the hilarious battle called Super Brawl. This shooting action platformer game is sure to give you a thrilling and exhilarating fight.


Super Brawl is an online multiplayer action game. It belongs to the popular two-player game genre similar to Basket Random. This game consists of a series of matches between characters from the Nickelodeon cartoon, rather than a clear plot. You can choose your favorite character to play in this game. Different opponents can be faced at different levels and defeated with various weapons, bonuses, and shields. All ages will enjoy and be entertained by this fight.


You can choose your team and participate in many combat levels with many different opponents. Using the character according to the abilities and weapons of your choice, you must overcome your enemies. This is a fun action game that does not require much technical expertise.

How to play Super Brawl game

In the Super Brawl game, you can choose different game modes like arcade, tournament, or training. Try to experience each game mode of this game to get the most complete experience of it. You can easily control your character with the keyboard. Perform nary shots using the up arrow key or the X key. Your only weapon in the puzzle is the gun. Please take full advantage of its effects to destroy your opponents. Shoot by pressing C, Space, or Enter. In addition, you can control your character to move to the sides easily. To move left, press A or the left arrow key. To move to the right, press D or the right arrow key. When in the fight, if you want to pause, press Exit or P. Especially in this game, you can chat with your opponent by opening chat - Y