About Drift F1

Drift F1 is the most loved fun racing game. Here there is a race in the air and extremely difficult turns are waiting for you to conquer.

Features of the Drift F1 game

  • Attractive driving game for singleplayer
  • Impressive graphics and effects
  • Various levels for players

Are you ready for a fun race with many opponents? Drift F1 is a racing game that is inspired by the Drift 3 game to create new impressions for speed game lovers. Forget about boring regular racing games. Start participating in an exciting race in the air with opponents who are from all over the world. To become a tycoon in this game you must really master the racing skills of steering. If you are confident about the bends, then you should experience the new difficult adventure in the other games like the Getaway Shootout game.

What is your task?

Your task in this game is to reach the finish line first and foremost. Since this track is an elevated track, you can jump out at any time. You need to know how to steer around bends to stay safe and stay ahead of the racers. Don't worry too much because it's not just a fun race. If you are new to the mechanics of this race you can try again and again. I bet you will conquer it soon.

You can explore the many stages of Drift F1. There will be a unique map for each level. Later, the level of difficulty rises to test the skill of experienced racing ears. It won't be tough for you to do this if you can memorize the map. On the track, you are totally capable of handling any difficulty.