About Silly Ways To Die

Silly Ways To Die is a game that takes you through the funniest deaths. There will be situations presented to you. You need to react quickly to survive.

This is an interesting birthday game. Start your journey of survival at the beginning of silly challenges with your character right now. You will control a cute character. He needs to overcome all the challenges to survive. The challenges he has to overcome are all downright humorous. The important thing is the countdown time for each level. If you are not quick to rescue the character, he also dies when the time is up.

How to protect the character in each level

To save the clueless citizens, simply click or tap the screen. You just need to figure out how to use your mouse to safeguard each of these foolish citizens! Play the online game Stupid Ways to Die on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. There are 82 levels to test your mental capacity. Every task is enjoyable. To keep the silly character safe, you must attempt to recognize the crucial scenario at each level. To unlock the well-known music video that started it all, try to earn a high score.