About Tap-Tap Shots

Tap-Tap Shots is an exciting endless sports game based on the basketball theme. In this game, you have to tap to score as many goals as possible.

Basketball always has a strange attraction to people, especially enthusiasts of sports. It brings you interesting and entertaining moments whenever you play it. In this game, our website will also provide you with a fun game inspired by the basketball sport, called Tap-Tap Shots.

The mechanics are so simple. You only have to tap to make the ball jump and tap consecutively to control the ball jump unstoppably and more highly. Note that you should control your power to aim the ball to the baskets.

In this game, the tapping basketball battle is infinite. There are endless baskets for you to score goals. Try to score and get the highest points! However, you need to score a goal in a limited time. If not, the game will end.

Features of Tap-Tap Shots

  • Intriguing and enjoyable basketball simulation game
  • Endless basketball battles with the consecutive baskets
  • Simple mechanics as a one-button game
  • Get the highest score

How to control

  • Tap to control the ball to jump.