About Water Pool

Water Pool is addictive game. It requires you to participate in a thrilling survival competition with many opponents as your main goal. You have a lot of thrilling levels ahead where you have to beat every opponent to claim the title of winner and earn valuable gifts. Control your avatar with your mouse to move through the inflatable pool. Along the way, you have to collect ducks to increase your score and grow up so that the top number shows your strength. On the contrary, if they have a larger number, they will eliminate you. If you encounter players with lower numbers, you will eliminate them.

Get familiar with the game's controls

You need to know well how to control the character in the game Water Pool Includes your selected hero's actions, attacks, and skills. Practice navigating the lake, directing your attacks and making the most of your hero's special skills. Power-Up Assemblies: Power-ups, scattered throughout the lake, can provide temporary benefits such as increased speed, damage, or health. Remember to gather power-ups whenever you can give yourself an edge in combat.