About Stickman Hook

Do you like the crazy adventures of the country character? Have fun in this action-packed swing puzzle game. In Stickman Hook game, Stickman continues another of his fun challenges. It's a zip line flying over the finish line. It sounds crazy. But this game is really fun and attractive. You will definitely crush it and play it without getting bored. There are 100 levels waiting for you to conquer. Use your acumen to figure out how to cross the finish line. You can play the Stickman Hook game whenever you have free time. Don't forget to recommend this fun game to your friends!

Principles of the game Stickman Hook

To conquer all levels in this game, you need to know the mechanics and how to control the game.

How to operate the game

First, you will be starting from a certain position. You will observe a circular axis arranged at any position above. That is your swing axis. You need to control the character to jump and swing to perform the flying phase over the finish line. To do this, you need to play through a few easy levels. Then you can control the character to perform skillful flying actions.

How to control a stickman

The stickman's head appears in the form of a red ball. This ball continuously bounces at the location where he appears. Hold down the left mouse button to let the stickman swing on the pole. Then release your hand to let the stickman perform the natural flight phase.