About Boxing Random

Boxing Random is an amazing boxing game to control the stickman boxer to defeat your opponent and be the first one to get 5 points. Play in 2 intriguing modes!

Welcome to the boxing battle world! This game will take you to the action world with intense boxing matches. It is similar to the Drunken Boxing: Ultimate game. Matches take place continuously between two players. You will need a lot of skills to be able to control your character. This game will not be like previous boxing games. It is much more interesting thanks to the special gameplay and graphics.

Features of Boxing Random:

  • The boxing ring is located in different areas (on the beach, the gym, or a snowy yard)
  • Bright 2D pixel graphics and musical sound effects.
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics.
  • Release Date: May 27, 2021

In terms of gameplay, you will participate in boxing matches with two players. However, your character cannot move normally. This guy can only jump up with the joystick. So how can your character move forward or backward? You need to pay attention to the direction of the character's tilt. Your character will constantly lean forward and backward. If you want to move forward, wait until your character leans forward. If you want to go backward, you should wait until your character leans backward. You jump at such times, your character will move forward and backward at your will. In particular, there are obstacles in some rounds.

In terms of graphics, this game uses pixel art with simple and not sharp images. The graphics of this game are similar to the Basket Random game. These graphics make the game suitable for more devices. Moreover, you will also feel new when there are so many 3D graphics today. You will be interested in what is classic. Besides, this game offers many different competition locations. You can compete at the beach or in the snowy forest. Any venue can become your competition place.

What is your task?

Your mission is to control a stickman boxer to knock out your opponent with a punch to the head and get a victory. It will be challenging for you to control stickmen because they can’t even stand firm. Therefore, you need to use your quick fingers to master it. Try your best to avoid the hit of your opponent and some obstacles in the boxing ring. The winner is the first one to gain 5 points. The playing fields will change after each match, so you will have a chance to play boxing in different areas.

Tap to attend the fierce boxing fights now! Be the final winner in the boxing ring.

How to control

  • PLAYER 1: Press a W key to control
  • PLAYER 2: Press a UP ARROW key to control

2 game modes

There are 2 modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. You play alone if you choose 1 Player mode. You will compete against the CPU until you find the winner. In 2 Players modes, you can invite friends to join a boxing match. 2 players will be opponents of each other. You need to find out the winner after 5 rounds. Choose your favorite mode and start the game!