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About Connect Dots

Try to download a super attractive puzzle game called Connect Dots! In this geometry puzzle game, your task is to complete the drawing at each level. Although the gameplay is quite simple, completing the task will not be easy because this is a mind game. You are not allowed to pass through a whore after you have passed it. There are many levels waiting for you, corresponding to different numbers of drawings. The higher-level drawings will have more complex strokes to increase the difficulty of the game. Get help from your friends if you get stuck on a difficult level! Have fun!

How to play this drawing puzzle game

The original Connect Dots game will be shown to you through simple drawings. You will encounter more complex drawings once you have mastered the game. You use the mouse to perform actions that need points on the drawing. You need to invest time to complete a challenging drawing. Drawing will take you longer when there are more lines. However, you need not be afraid, as this will immerse you in an exciting puzzle adventure with many challenges. Intelligence levels vary from person to person. You will constantly test new hypotheses until you find a way to win this game. Be really patient and look closely at the drawing to figure out how to complete it.