About Mini-Caps: Bombs

If you are looking for a fun game to play, Mini-Caps: Bombs is a great suggestion for you. To avoid explosives and other hazards in your way, move and jump, or kick a ball if necessary! This game is guaranteed to deliver plenty of moments thanks to its easy controls and entertaining characters. Two players are required to play the Mini-Caps: Bombs game. Each participant is responsible for one character. You need to do everything to avoid bombs and survive as long as possible. To evade or attack the enemy, you can move, jump, and kick. In addition, you must accumulate valuable goods such as health, armor, and speed. When either player is eliminated or time runs out, the game is over.

Tips for survival

  • The color of the bomb is an important sign that you know the situation. The yellow bomb explodes when you kick it in, the blue bomb explodes after a specific amount of time, and the red bomb explodes when touched. Collect useful items like health, armor, or speed. They will help you outlast your competitors and give you an edge.
  • To bring down your opponent, you can launch a kick or jump on them that will help you push them into a fence or a bomb. Bombs can also be used to injure enemies by exploding repeatedly.
  • Consider a place like a beach with lots of sand and waves, a park with lots of trees and benches, or a school with lots of tables, chairs, and blackboards.
  • To enhance the fun and entertainment, play the game with some friends. You will surely have a really good time playing the game, with lots of laughs.