About Slope Ball

Slope Ball is a fun and unique running game. You need to control your shadow character to overcome the spikes on the taxiway to avoid exploding.

Start exploring a whole new world in the Slope Ball game now. You will also be accompanied by a ball-shaped mascot. He could only roll back and forth all the way. However, this path is not easy because there are many obstacles that can make him explode every time he hits. Your task is to control the ball character to jump over all the obstacles on his taxiway.

There are many levels waiting for you to explore at the Slope Ball game. After completing a level you will continue to move on to higher levels. Of course, there will be many challenges and difficulties at the previous level. So you need to let your guard down. Difficult challenges and obstacles will make you feel like conquering. And if you're really a skilled roller then I'm sure you'll be able to complete all levels with complete joy.

Slope Ball has completely similar gameplay to games of the same genre. You just need to control your character to jump over the obnoxious spikes. What makes this game attractive is the completely new graphics. A character you may not have met in any online game. Funny sounds will help you have the most fun gaming time.