Pill Volley


 Pill Volley is an interesting sports game in which you have to control your Pill character to gain points in duel volleyball battles in two game modes.

 Transform into the character Pill and participate in volleyball simulation matches. There are two game modes: 1 Player and 2 Player. You can compete with bots in 1 Player mode. Try to get 3 points first to win. On the contrary, you can play with your friends and score 5 points first to win in the 2 Player mode. In this sports game, the gameplay is simple and attractive. Use the up arrow key or W key to control the character. Use your round head or lovely short hands to pass the ball. Let's enjoy this new volleyball simulation game with a horizontal screen design.

 You will receive gold coins after each game round. Besides that, you also perform daily missions and achievements to gain extra coins. Use earned coins to unlock new skins for your character.

 Features of Pill Volley

  • The addictive sports game
  • Collect coins to unlock new skins
  • 2 game modes for 1 player and 2 players

 How to control

  • Player 1: W key
  • Player 2: Up arrow key