About Soccer Random

Soccer Random is a fun soccer sports game that lovers of the sport can't miss. This is an exciting 2 player game, score as many goals as you can!

Soccer Random is A fun and exciting pixel physics-based soccer game. You can see pixel art in many other online games such as the Basket Random game. These games are created with simple graphics, so they are suitable for many different devices. They don't require high resolution to enable playing these entertaining games. In this exciting 2 Player Random Soccer game, try to score goals by controlling your players! There are different scenes where this match takes place, you have 2 choices whether you will play on a stone field or you will play on a beautiful beach.

In particular, the One More Pass game, this game is themed on football, one of the most popular sports around the world. You will be interested in this game immediately from the theme of game. If you are a fan of football, this game is indispensable in the list of must-tried games. This game not only helps you to play this famous sport but also helps you relieve stress and train your skills. You should not ignore this interesting game. Have a good time with this Soccer Random game!

The gameplay of the Soccer Random game

The object of the game is, to score 5 goals and goal the opponent and win the game. To do this you need to control your players very well. They need to coordinate well or else your opponent will attack your goal. In particular, the characters in this game cannot move normally. They can only jump up. You need to control the character so that your character can move forward or backward while jumping. There is a trick for you to pay attention to the leaning direction of the characters. If they tilt their head forward, you will move forward if you jump. If you jump when your character leans backward, your character will step back. You should also not jump continuously. Your character may fall and have difficulty getting up. In these situations, your opponent can take advantage of time and score.

After each goal, the venue will change. You can play at the beach, sports center or road. This will help you feel more enjoyable when playing in many different locations. However, you also need to adapt quickly to these locations. Don't let the novelty make it difficult for you to play. Take advantage of your advantage to score goals against the opponent. If you can't score, try to stop the opponent. Don't let your opponent score easily.

How to control

  • Player 1 uses the W key
  • Player 2 uses Up Arrow Key

In addition, each team consists of 2 players. The Soccer Random game has 2 game modes, including 1 Player and 2 Players. You can play Random Soccer with the CPU in the 1P mode or with another player in the 2P mode! It will be fun if this match has your friend to compete with!