About Getaway Shootout

Join the fun race in Getaway Shootout! This is a dramatic and chaotic race. Your mission is to compete and kill other players by shooting down them.

This game is based on pixel art which has low-resolution images. You will see graphics through pixels. Thanks to the low resolution, the Getaway Shootout game is suitable for many different devices such as computers or mobile devices. You will not need to worry about the configuration of your device. Besides, pixel art also makes this game more interesting. This is the technology used in the famous game Minecraft. Through this new game, you live in a new Minecraft world. Playing a new game with 3D graphics like the Basket Random game will help you see the difference between online games.

It seems that there is a chaotic fight going on in the street. Vehicles cannot move. There's a bunch of people fighting over something of value. This is a chaotic war including dangerous gas breasts like guns. The police were not present to deal with this altercation. You are one of those. Try to stomp and run as fast as you can to the helicopter and escape. Are you confident in your racing ability in this exciting war? You also challenge yourself with the Rooftop Snipers game to show your shooting skills. Start playing now!

How to control

Player 1:

  • Hold "W" to lean back and release to jump in your direction.
  • Hold "E" to lean forward and release it to jump in your direction.
  • Shoot: "R"

Player 2:

Use arrow keys to control.

Tips for playing the Getaway Shootout game

  • There are a lot of opponents who want to get ahead of you in this crazy race so you need to be very focused.
  • Try to combine running and jumping to move faster.
  • Collect spikes and other weapons to compete and attack opponents.
  • Pay attention to the time and take advantage of the shortest possible time to get on the helicopter.

Choose Player

The getaway Shootout game offers players 22 different characters. Each character has a unique trait.


2 standard characters are available in this shooting game. You can use these players for free. These two characters have a basic look like normal people. The first character has white skin and short hair, called Standard Steve while the second character has dark skin and long hair, called Standard Sarah. Which character do you like more? Choose this guy and start the game!


There is only 1 character in the special group. This character does not allow other players to see his face. He always wears a monstrous white mask. Besides, he always wears a long suit. This makes him special to other players. He is the Stalker. Player special is also available and there is no fee to unlock.


5 action players are available for you to unlock: Fatman, The General, Harry Water, Indiana Loans, and Ramlow. If you like characters with toned appearance, you can unlock them and use them in battles. These characters are officers, soldiers, mafia, or cowboys. Looking at these characters, we can see how many adventures they have gone through. Now, these characters will not hesitate to join a new battle in the Getaway Shootout game.

Map Player

The 5 map player characters are Bus Driver, Chef Boy RPG, Janitor Dan, Truck Driver, and Window Cleaner. These five players need to be unlocked before use. These characters are characters with many different occupations. They will firmly grasp the area maps of this game.


2 athletes need to unlock. You can open two athlete characters, including Baller and Futbalista. These two players are designed based on athletes in the sport of football. If you are a sports lover, these two characters are not to be missed.


4 animal characters are available for you to unlock. The characters are Bigfoot, Doge, Albert The Monkey, and Mr. Narwhal. These characters are based on animals such as monkeys, dogs, whales, and orangutans. Joining the battles with animal characters will help you experience new feelings.


Famous characters are always loved because they are based on famous characters in the world. There are 3 famous players: Hilldog, Rocket Man and Mr. Rump. Can you recognize any actual images these characters are based on?