About Apple and Onion: BMX Day

Playing Apple and Onion: BMX Day right away! When Apple and Onion desire a difficult ride, put your bike helmet on and join them out on the road.

Ready to go on a bike adventure in the game Apple and Onion: BMX Day? Onion and Apple are close buddies. They both share a passion for outdoor activities. On nice days, they frequently hang out together. However, the issue is that cycling is monotonous, and they desire a more pleasurable experience. So they made the decision to ride their adventure bikes through the rough highlands. On the other hand, they have undoubtedly donned their helmets and are prepared to tackle difficult trails. Don't forget to gather stars and coins on the track as you assist them in completing these thrilling challenges.

You are given a bicycle in the video game Apple and Onion: BMX Day. Two lovely companions named Apple and Onion are with you. They will spend time together. Try to control their bike vehicle across rough terrain. The most important aspect of riding this bike is maintaining balance. BMX Day is physically demanding, so cycling is a tough task. However, you will be able to complete the mission successfully if you are familiar with this type of game. In addition, you can practice controlling the car better. Play the game now to embark on an exciting adventure with Apple and Onion.

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How to play

To control your bike on rough terrain you need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.