Five Hoops

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About Five Hoops

Join Five Hoops now to enjoy a very fun arcade basketball game. You will compete with professional basketball pitchers. Try to get more points to win.

What do you think about a dynamic and fun sports game? Why not choose basketball to play right now? If you are too familiar with the basketball games like the Basket Random game, then you should try to play a game where you can taste the hit ball created by us. You will compete with 2 other players to find the champion! Let's participate in this game now to enjoy exciting basketball matches!

This game is designed with simple graphics and impressive effects. These two features are simple. However, you will be intrigued by the unique gameplay of this game. The game does not follow professional basketball games. You will participate in simple basketball matches like the Street Ball Jam game. You can play basketball in the most comfortable and entertaining way. This basketball game idea has brought satisfaction to many players. The developer wants to give players an easy and fun game.

What is Five Hoops?

This game is named Five Hoops. The name is completely based on the unique gameplay of this game. 5 hoops mean 5 baskets where you need to throw 5 balls. For each ball, you will win 1 point. You will win if you get 5 points before your opponent. However, to achieve the goal of victory, you will face many difficulties. The basket can move. It can move up or down. It can also move left or right. Besides that, there is also a shield in front of the basket. It will block your balls to score points. Moreover, after each time you win a point, you will have to move backward. The distance between you and the basket will increase further and make it difficult for you to hit the ball into the basket.

Moreover, the Five Hoops game offers a multiplayer mode. You will compete with two other players. Whoever completes the quest first will be the champion. This is the noblest title that any player wants to receive while playing this game. Play this game and show your ability. Although you cannot play this game with other players on the same device, it will not affect the fun of this game.


This game offers you a series of different levels for you to challenge. The difficulty level of the game increases with each level. You need to complete the previous level before proceeding to the next level. Can you complete all these levels? There will be challenging levels for you to show off your superb pitching skills!

Tips for playing the Five Hoops game

  • What you need to pay attention to most in this competition is the ability to aim and throw accurately. Suppose these skills of yours are really good. Don't worry this game will help you train and improve it well.
  • Also what you need to care about is time. Because time is limited, you should try to make the most of the time to be able to throw as many balls into the basket.
  • But you should not lose your temper because that will affect your results, Stay calm so you can aim