Five Hoops


 Join the exciting Five Hoops pitching contest now! Five Hoops is a very fun arcade basketball game. Join and take on professional basketball pitchers and win!

 What do you think about a dynamic and fun sports game? Why not choose basketball to play right now! If you are too familiar with the usual basketball games, then you should try to play a game where you can taste the hit ball created by us. You will compete with 2 other players to find the champion!

  • What you need to pay attention to most in this competition is the ability to aim and throw accurately.
    If these skills of yours are really good. Don't worry this game will help you train and improve it well.
  • Also what you need to care about is time. Because time is limited, you should try to make the most of the time to be able to throw as many balls into the basket.
  • But you should not lose your temper because that will affect your results, Stay calm so you can aim