About Monkey Mart

Some things about Monkey Mart

The mechanics of the game

Participate in Monkey Mart to enjoy many refreshing experiences. The game requests you to control your character to manage the mart and earn money.

The game is one of the most exciting arcade games. You can join it freely. When joining the game, you will play a monkey, the owner of a farmers market. To earn money, let’s provide a lot of products for your customers. Bananas are your first product. The more bananas you can sell, the more money you can get. Then, you will grow other plants, like corn. You must harvest corn and put them on the shelves. In addition, the buyer also wants to purchase other products. Therefore, you must expand your mart. You can unlock some animals, such as cows and chickens. The cows will provide milk for you and the chickens will have eggs. You can buy them to get a lot of money. When you have too much to do, hire more staff. Tap the button in the top right corner of the screen to select staff and upgrade them. You will reduce your workload.

How to control

To control the monkey character, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Besides, you need to use the mouse to perform operations such as upgrading characters and upgrading shops.

The tactic to win in Monkey Mart

Grow other plants and animals

You will control your monkey to go through banana trees and collect bananas. Then bring them to the shelves. Continue to harvest bananas and fill the shelves. Then, you can grow corn, and you will harvest them. A large shelf is waiting for you to fill. You have to go through them to get the job done. Additionally, to get more milk and eggs, you must provide enough feed for cows and chickens. They need at least 4 cobs of corn for each meal. So, if you want more products, do not let them become hungry.

Buy the microwave

The game allows you to purchase the microwave. This device will help you to produce more popcorn. It is one of the popular products in the mart. As a result, you can earn as much money as possible thanks to it.