About Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a sports game where you must control your character to play basketball as a professional player. Are you ready for basketball rounds?

Features of Basketball Stars

  • Intriguing sports game based on the basketball theme
  • Various game modes
  • Cool graphics and effects

This game provides you with amazing graphics and effects. The characters in the game are redrawn with lovely and funny gestures. Besides, these characters have a head that is bigger than their body. That makes the game more interesting. Every time you join the game, you get to play with lovable characters.

Moreover, this game is one of the most loved basketball games. The game is designed with basketball stars, so the players are very interested in this. Following this release, the developer also released a new basketball game, called Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2 game. This game also takes you to the world of basketball with stars. However, the characters will be cartoon characters. You can try playing this game to enjoy exciting basketball games.

What is your mission?

You will transform into a professional player by playing basketball in this game. At the beginning of the game, use your favorite character in online mode and use the default character in offline mode. Besides that, you can select between 1 Player mode and 2 Player mode.

Your mission is to control your character to participate in basketball with two players and the duel theme by pressing the arrow key to move and jump, X to steal or shoot, and Z to super shot. You win if you gain victory in three rounds first. Try to score the goal before your opponents! Note that you will face some challenges when controlling your player because he has a big head and moves like a drunk man.

How to control

  • Arrows = move / jump
  • Arrow down = block / pump
  • X = steal / shoot
  • Z = super shot

Game modes in the Basketball Stars game

This game offers you 3 modes: 1 Player, 2 Player, and Quick Match. Each mode will give you a different experience. Let's find out and choose your favorite mode.

1 Player mode

1 Player mode gives you 3 mini modes including Tournament, Random Match, and Training. You can practice playing basketball in Training mode and join Random Match mode to compete against other players at random. Besides, you can participate in tournaments in Tournament mode. 1P mode will allow you to control a character. You can choose 1vs1 to play against a team of 1 player. You can choose 2vs2 to play against a team of 2 players. In a team of 2vs2 modes, you can only control one of them. The remaining character will be controlled by the CPU. In addition, you can choose between normal and hard difficulty.

2 Player mode

This mode allows you to play against another player on the same device. You can participate in intense basketball matches like in the Basket Random game. You also have 3 different options to play in this 2P mode. You can play with 1 player in a team in 1vs1 mode. You also have the option of 2vs2 to compete for the championship with your opponent when your team has 2 players. Finally, you can play 2vs2CPU to increase the bond between you and your friends. You and another player can play together in the same team to compete against the CPU.

Quick Match

This mode will randomly connect you with other players. Compete and get more points in 60 seconds to win. This mode can only play 1vs1.