About Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020 is a legendary basketball game in which you have to compete with other players and gain as many goals as possible before time's up.

Features of Basketball Legends 2020

  • Excellent visuals and musical sound effects
  • Smooth motion
  • 2 game modes

This game continues to bring you to one of the hottest basketball games in the sports gaming world. Besides games like the Basketball Slam Dunk game, this game is asserting its place on the list of the most popular basketball games. The topic of basketball has always been of interest to many players. Now, this game is also upgraded with version 2020. This game promises to give players the most interesting experience.

When participating in this game, you can enjoy eye-catching graphics and great effects. You will be interested in the realistic images of the players in this game. The characters are designed according to real basketball stars in reality. Besides, these characters have also been drawn more lovingly with big heads. The movements of the players are also amazing. Smooth movements make the game more engaging.


Playing basketball with basketball superstars around the world must be a dream for millions of people. Now, Basketball Legends 2020 turns your dream into a reality. Characters in this game are simulated based on famous basketball players worldwide such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Luka Doncic, Jame Harden, and so on. Choose your team and attend a basketball match right now! Use your quick reflexes and fingers to control the players to run, jump, catch the ball, and score. Use a fast break to steal the ball from the opponents and a mega dunk to perform impressive slam dunks. Try your best to gain as many points as possible before time runs out. The team that gains a higher score than the opposing team will be the winner.

How to control


  • Move/ Jump: W-A-S-D keys
  • Slap / Throw / Dunk: X-Z-V keys


  • Move/ Jump: AROW KEYS
  • Slap / Throw / Dunk: K-L keys

Game modes in the Basketball Legends 2020 game

There are 3 game modes in this basketball game. You can choose one of these three modes to play. They are 1 Player, 2 Players, and Quick Match. These modes are quite similar to the modes in the Basket Random game. Each mode will give you a different experience. You can enjoy the game in different ways. This is one reason why this game attracts millions of players around the world. How many modes have you played in this entertaining game? Let's start playing each mode and find your favorite mode!

1 Player

1P mode will provide 3 sub-modes, including Tournament, Random Match, and Training. In Training mode, you can play basketball alone to practice the necessary skills. It is required many different skills to win a basketball game. Therefore, you need to practice to master all the skills before participating in the official match. The next mode is Quick Match where you are randomly connected to another player and compete. You can choose 1vs1 or 2vs2 to decide the number of players on the team. Another popular mode is the Tournament. In this mode, you continue to choose between 1vs 1, and 2vs2. Besides, you can also choose the difficulty of the game at normal or hard.

2 Players

This mode allows you to play against another player on the same device. You can choose 1vs1, 2vs2, and 2vs2CPU to start the match. 1vs1 and 2vs2 are two modes for you to choose the number of team members while the 2vs2CPU mode allows you to cooperate with 1 other player to fight the CPU. This mode will give players a memorable experience when playing with other players.

Quick Match

This mode will take you to quick matches against random players. It will connect you with another player to start the much-anticipated basketball game.