About Banana Game

Banana Game is an exciting online clicker game. The game has simple gameplay but it requires the players to be persistent to click as many bananas as possible.

How to play

The rules of clicking bananas in the game are also very simple. Each click corresponds to a new banana being created. The more you click, the more bananas you have. You see, if you click without a purpose, it's too boring, so the game has given you specific goals for you to conquer. Let's find out what your clicks can do!

Unlock new clickers

After reaching the first 15 bananas you can unlock the first clicker, Cursor. Continue clicking until you reach 100 bananas and you will unlock Grandma. Next when you click to reach 500, 2K, 7K, 50K, 100K... you will unlock even more interesting clickers.

Each clicker listed in the game board will help you click automatically, the more new items you open corresponding to a large number of bananas you will get, the more automatic clicks you will get. Surely you will be surprised when the number of bananas will increase continuously without you needing to click. Join and experience the game now to see how many new clickers you can open!

Outstanding features in the game

The game attracts many players of all ages based on the following attractive features:

  • The game is leisurely, does not put pressure on the player
  • Unlock many new clickers
  • Beautiful graphic design
  • The clicking sound is relaxing and motivating
  • User-friendly game

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