About Slope 3

Slope 3 is the most popular ball rolling game. Experience the endless rolling sensation in the mysterious cube world in the online game Slope 3 now!

Your task is to control the ball rolling downhill with amazing speed. This gameplay is similar to the Slope Ball game. But what you need to do is keep the ball on the track. It is very easy to roll out and fall into the cliff. A path made up of glowing cubes can completely surprise you. This game has a very high speed so you won't be able to get used to it quickly. You need practice to be able to control the roll of the ball. Don't worry too much because this game will keep you entertained and play it every time you can.

Features of this slope game

Slope 3 is the perfect combination of beautiful 3D graphics and vibrant sound to create a sense of excitement for players. Like the Temple Run 2 game, speed is an addictive feature to attract a large number of players in this game. And of course, a fast-paced rollerball game like Slope 3 will become a favorite game. Not only is it an entertaining game, but Slope 3 is also a way for you to practice your observation skills and quick reflexes. It is a completely healthy and useful entertaining game.

Lead the ball through the obstacles that are purple cubes and stay on the track without falling out. Speed ​​control and control skills are what is needed in this game. You really need to see quickly and have good reflexes to avoid hitting obstacles. In addition, the bends will also make you feel awkward because it is really difficult to pass safely. Wish you happy gaming!