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About Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 is a game that develops fighting skills through the Pokemon characters you own. Choose the right Pokemon warriors to become the best captain.

Starting the game you will choose one of three suggested pokemon to start the first test battles. These Pokemon will be provided with basic power cards to start the battle with the other team's pokemon. As you progress in the game you will capture other pokemon and other power cards. So how to recruit more Pokemon and use which Pokemon is suitable for fighting? Let's find out now!

Strategy in Dynamons 7

Recruit more teammates

When your Pokemon has been promoted and has an increased experience index, it means you will earn a lot of diamonds and gold coins. Use the gold to buy more Pokemon capture boxes. When you have these capture boxes, you can capture the pokemon you want. But remember, you can only conquer them if you can defeat them. So you have new pokemon warriors to go into battle. The more Pokemon you collect, the more choices you will have and your chances of winning will increase.

Choose teammates to fight

Choosing Pokemon with the right strength to go solo 1vs1 is very important. Check how strong your opponent is to consider which Pokemon have the right strength to fight. Each Pokemon will have different strengths, especially when leveling up and having a high development index, it will be stronger. If a Pokemon that has not been trained much fights with a strong Pokemon, it is likely that your team will lose from the first attack. So change your tactics and pokemon constantly to suit the battle.