About Axis Football League

Play Axis Football League to participate in intense American football matches! Select options and control your team and try to gain a score to gain victory.

Each match will take place in 2 halves. Each round lasts 5 minutes. In these 5 minutes, the team that scores more goals wins. If the score is equal, the 2 teams will advance to Sudden-death for extra time. The team that scores the first goal will gain victory. While passing the ball, your team or opponent has incomplete passes, the game will suggest strategies to arrange players. There are many ways to arrange it. You can choose any way you want. However, you should choose an appropriate attack and defense arrangement. This football game has the most detailed gameplay you can ever play. Let's conquer this tough game to show your bravery!

How to control

  • WASD to move the player.
  • Spacebar to kick the ball.
  • Move your mouse to aim to kick.
  • Click the left mouse button to change the player.
  • The game will select the closest player to the ball during play.

Remarkable Information about the Axis Football League game

Select your team

The first thing when you start this game is to choose your team. There are 15 teams in the Axis Football League game.

Lists of teams







New England

New Orleans

New York




San Diego

San Francisco

AFL All-Stars

Each team has its own strength stats. You can track these stats by clicking on that team and looking below. Those stats are passing, rushing, blocking, rush DEF, and Pass DEF. Choose the team with the most strength to join these extreme football wars! Besides, you can also choose your opponent's team.

Select the level of difficulty

After that, remember to choose the difficulty for the game. This game has 4 difficulty levels: Rookie, Pro, All-Star, and Hall of fame. Choose the difficulty that suits your ability, review the strength stats between the two teams and press the Start Game button to start this game. You can also select your side on the playing field. Which side do you want to choose, between the red side and the black side?

Season of this football game

This game gives you the seasons. You need to wait until the season opens to start participating. Each season will last for 12 weeks with 12 games. The top 8 teams in these 12 weeks will advance to the playoffs to start the knockout round. Teams will continue to compete against each other through 3 consecutive qualifiers and find the champion.


There are 14 achievements you can gain in the Axis Football League game. There are 3 levels of achievement: easy, medium, and hard. Easy achievements can be obtained at any difficulty level of the game. Medium achievement can only be obtained by playing at the Pro or harder level of difficulty. In addition, you need to play in All-Star difficulty or harder to gain the hard achievements.