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About 3D Baseball

3D Baseball is a retro sports game for enthusiasts of baseball. You can participate in ultimate baseball matches to find a champion and gain victory.

Options in the 3D Baseball game

The 3D Baseball game offers 4 main options: Exhibition Game, New Pennant Race, Continue Pennant Race, and Options.


You can make many different choices. Each choice will make your game more interesting. Let's set up this game to your liking.

There are 7 sub-options:

  • Fielding
  • Errors
  • Sound FX
  • Van Earl
  • Music
  • Sound Output
  • Control Type

Once the settings are done, go back to the main menu to select the game mode you want.

Exhibition Game

This exploration game mode allows you to participate in the ultimate baseball matches with the following outstanding parameters.

  • Player: 1 Player
  • Player One: Atlanta
  • Computer: New York (A)
  • Home Team: Atlanta
  • Stadium: Crystal Yards
  • Select Rosters: 1996 Season
  • Ten Run Rule: Off
  • General Manager

These parameters may change depending on the game. You will then start the game by reviewing your team's lineup. Your team consists of 9 players with different abilities. You can change the lineup, change the pitcher, and view the opponent. After that, you can start an official baseball game with the same rules as the actual baseball rules.

Rules of the baseball game

This game is a retro game with realistic game rules. The two teams will take turns attacking and defending. Your goal is to score. The team with the most points wins after the time is up. You can score while attacking by running through all the bases to form a square. Meanwhile, the defending team will try to prevent the attacking team from scoring.

The pitcher will stand at the mound to throw the bounce. The batter stands at the house plate and tries to hit the ball with a bat. If the batter hits the ball, he will immediately throw the bat and run back to base 1. Try to get back to base safely!