About Angry Ducks

Angry Ducks is a great version of Angry Birds. You will encounter completely new puzzles. Try to complete each level to uncover all the puzzles.

Are you ready to enter the world of smart birds in the game Angry Ducks? If you are a fan of the Angry Birds game, then the Angry Ducks game is a version you cannot miss. In the game Angry Ducks, you will experience a game similar to the original version but with many new and unique features waiting for you to discover. Try to use the number of shots effectively to complete the task at each level. You can invite your friends to play the Angry Ducks game to get extra support from them. However, you can also have fun playing Angry Ducks no matter where you are and alone. Also you can play other fun games like Little Big Snake and Voxel Bot.

The Angry Ducks game has numerous levels with various puzzles. You'll need to solve riddles in it that are harder to complete than the original ones. The fact that the Angry Ducks game gives players difficulties is fantastic. Utilizing the number of rounds permitted at each level, you must finish the mission. The level is completed when all the birds on the platforms are eliminated. To do this, you would pick up the birds with the mouse, place them in the slingshot, and then aim and shoot them by dragging and releasing the mouse button.