About Ball Hit

 Ball Hit is the most loved puzzle game of basketball. Your task is to find a way to put the ball into the basket in the way the given cube.

 In the physics-based puzzle game Ball Hit, you must move and align specific obstacles — customizable pieces of each stage — in order to make the basketball pass through the hoop. Usually, the washer is located in the lower portion of the level and the ball is located in the upper portion. You can utilize a variety of shapes, including ramps, backgrounds, blocks, and other objects to control how the ball moves. The levels are becoming more challenging to follow and comprehend. Can you assist in the ball's hoop-passing?

 The game's mechanics heavily rely on the physics of Ball Hit. The basketball interacts with its surroundings in a realistic manner; based on the momentum it gains while falling, it will bounce off the surface at the proper speed. Your objective is to consider the trajectory, make the necessary adjustments to all the moveable components to make it effective, and then release the ball by clicking on the blue background where it was initially placed. The implementation of your plan will then occur. Your ability to think clearly will determine whether the ball lands in the basket, drop into the chasm, or becomes trapped between two platforms.

 This interactive puzzle game's straightforward gameplay is one of its many benefits. Ball Hit is a breeze to manage with just one mouse button. To move the gray blocks about, click and drag them. To rotate the green blocks, click on them and hold down the left mouse button until they rotate far enough in the desired direction. Click on the blue background to make it disappear. Remember that the yellow components are immovable; balls can only move around them.