Basket Fall


 Basket Fall is a fun basketball game that will bring you the best basketball experience. You will be participating in playing a unique and new basketball game here.

 Welcome to the most beloved fun basketball game Basket Fall. This basketball game is very unique and new, there will be nothing like you have experienced before it is completely different from the games! If you feel the usual basketball games are getting boring, this is a perfect game for you and makes you have a great experience. Because right now, the ball isn't moving, it's the hoop, crazy, isn't it? Are you ready to score the highest in this game? Join now.


  • Unique basketball game completely different from other basketball games.
  • Every time you hit your score your score will be raised.
  • A novel entertaining game that trains observational skills and motion targeting.
  • Beautiful 2D graphics that are realistic and close to those who love the sport of basketball
    Simple and easy intuitive controls.