About Basketball Arcade

Play the amazing sports game, the Basketball Arcade game, that simulates arcade pitching. Your mission is to hit the ball as much as you can!


  • Favorite basketball-themed game
  • Perfectly realistic simulation game
  • Sound and music make the game exciting and exciting!
  • Incredible Physics based sports game!
  • Addictive, fun, and challenging gameplay!

This game provides you with arcade and entertaining moments when participating in a super addictive sports game. You can enjoy super physics, great graphics, and sound! Basketball Arcade is one of the most loved games. Simulate a great game loved at amusement parks. With the ball and basket, you will have a fun experience that is similar to playing the Basketbros game.

Levels and modes in the Basketball Arcade game

The Basketball Arcade game has 4 levels with different modes. You have 30 seconds for each mode. Try to get as many points as possible, throw correctly and get extra seconds. You need to take advantage of the time because you only have 30 seconds to increase your score. Collect points and buy your device's different balls, game themes, and wallpapers. There is a large number of levels and modes compared to other basketball games like the Basket Random game. Coming to this game will help you experience new features of a basketball game.