Play exciting basketball on! Your task is to control the character who needs the ball to pass the opponents and hit the basket to score points.

Like the Basketbros game, the game is known by many basketball lovers as a very fun game with many levels. This amazing game requires you to have a lot of skills to be able to beat your opponent on the professional basketball court. With, your task is to get the highest score in a certain time.

Start the match by Grabbing the ball and running to the ring! You can perform beautiful ball breaks at this playground. Just grab the ball and run until you reach the hoop and make a perfect shot! It is straightforward at every turn and you can get used to the rules of this game. Defend by taking the ball from your opponent and blocking the opponent trying to steal the ball from your team. Score as many goals as possible because the half will end early if you don't make the most of your time. Beat your opponent's team by scoring more goals before time runs out! Absolute fun and adrenaline for you as you enter the world with

Characters in the game

This game provides 12 players with different looks and uses. Many basketball games do not have this feature like the Basket Random game. You need to unlock these characters to be able to use them in basketball games. These characters are all designed with great looks. You can meet beautiful female characters or handsome male characters. Each character has a different appearance. In addition, the use of each character is not the same. To unlock the character, you can do the quest or use the diamond to open it. Unlock your favorite character and start this game right away!