About Blob Opera

Blob Opera is a fun game that allows you to experience opera voices. If you control the voice of the cute snails, you will be able to create your own music.

David Li's experiment with machine learning, Blob Opera, was made possible through Google Arts and Culture. In order to produce an interaction that anybody can enjoy, regardless of musical ability, this game has a model that is trained in the voice of four singers. In this game, anyone can easily produce excellent music!

How to create an Opera music of your own
You can create your own music when starting Blob Opera. It is quite easy to do this. To adjust the pitch, simply Drag the points up and down. For different vowels, you can switch or invert. The Blob Can Collide and Harmonize With Your Input in Real-Time Thanks to Another Machine Learning Model. By moving up and down, you can change notes, and by moving sideways, you can change the vowel.

Real opera voices were used to create the sounds you hear. 16 hours of singing have been captured by Tenor Christian Joel, Bass Frederick Tong, Mezzo-Soprano Joanna Gamble, and Soprano Olivia Courtney. You cannot hear the subjects' voices in the excitement, but the model learns from them and develops a grasp of how to sing opera sounds.