About Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends is a great action strategy game. In this two-player game, you collect a lot of items to increase your power and then defeat your opponent.

The game called Bomber Friends was inspired by the original Bomberman games. By mixing talent and reasoning, Bomber Friends allows you to manage your character and advance through a number of levels. You must choose a good path through the maze at each level and use your bombs to remove any obstacles in your way. You need to discover the key to the last door's lock and overcome the obstacles in your path to get to the exit.

You can find several power-ups in every level of the game Bomber Friends, including bomb damage enhancements, extra bombs, and extra lives. Make intelligent use of your bombs and keep in mind that once the bomb has been detonated, the enemy cannot advance further from this point. You can select from a selection of awards and improve your character's appearance and stats at the conclusion of each level. To get stronger bombs, collect power-ups! Use bombs with explosives to blow up your buddies everywhere!