About Bottle Rush 3D

Fun game Bottle Rush 3D with cute bottles. You have to collect as many bottles of wine of the same color along the way as possible to get the highest score.

Play this fun running game to launch your 3D journey right away. You have the opportunity to play the 3D puzzle game Bottle Rush 3D, which is based on physics. There are several interesting and difficult stages to it. You must gather as many bottles of the same hue as you can along the road in order to get the best score. Similar to that, avoiding obstacles is your main objective.

In the 3D game Bottle Rush, your goal is to use your mouse to grab bottles while sliding over obstacles. In this game, you must gather bottles of the same color if you want to get bigger. You will shrink until you are defeated, nevertheless, if you collect colorful bottles. Your score will increase based on the size of your final bottle.

The gameplay objective of this game is identical to Touchdraw, Delicious Breakfast Cooking, Shape Shift Run, and Cannon Surfer.

How to play

You play the game by using the mouse to collect mussels.