Breakfast Time

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About Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time is a fun and entertaining game for all ages. The game's objective is to cook and serve delicious breakfast meals for your customers.

Cook breakfast for your guests in time for them to leave for work. You have a limited time to prepare the meal.

This game belongs to the cooking category. In this game, you can experience the life of a cook. You can not experience these feelings in other games such as Basket Random, Join Blocks, and Sprinkle Plants Puzzle Game. These games will not let you down. Play them and entertain them after a hard-working day.

Besides that, this game has eye-catching graphics and great effects. It is ideal for you to enjoy your leisure time.

How to play the Breakfast Time game

Breakfast will soon be served. Your goal in this game is to provide your client with the appropriate meal. If you serve them the wrong food or keep them waiting too long, you will lose money. Try to gain as much money as possible.