Circle Puzzle

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About Circle Puzzle

Circle Puzzle is a simple puzzle game that has you moving an ever-growing circle to merge images. The goal is to restore as many images as possible in order to complete each level.

This game is a combination between puzzle games and running games. It will bring you wonderful entertaining games. You can come to other games on our website to have similar feelings. For example, Bike Rush, Squad Tower, and Basket Random are the featured games.

How to play Circle Puzzle

The objective of this game is very simple, but it can take some time for you to master it. You will need to move your mouse around at first until you get used to how things work.

Circle Puzzle is a distinct puzzle game. Chaotic circles were used to piece together each image. You must rotate circles in order to restore the image. A deadline is also present. There isn't time to think; go ahead. assemble all the pictures.