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About City Car Stunt 3

Let's drive together and explore the modern city

City Car Stunt 3 is one of the most beloved endless racing games. Do you know why this game is so loved? It is the perfect combination of three elements, including simple but challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and attractive sound. With these great things, City Car Stunt 3 is a game you cannot miss. Start racing in the city now!
There is a beautiful and modern city, like in sci-fi movies. Are you curious about this city? Start your car-driving journey and explore the city with an exhilarating mind. You may be surprised to be able to drive a beautiful supercar and admire the scenery here. Everything is amazing beyond your imagination.

City Car Stunt 3 game consists of 2 parts


In this section, you can play with your friends. A race will be more fun when you have a racing companion with you. However, you can still choose to play single-player mode, and then you will be racing against the machine.

Free driving

Unlike the Racing part, in this game you do not have to participate in a race with any opponent. You can drive freely. You can make an endless trip. You will be free to explore the streets of the city.