Clone Ball Rush

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About Clone Ball Rush

Clone Ball Rush is a really appealing and enjoyable game of collecting balls. To increase the number of balls and win, control the ball to the plus line.

Welcome to the amazing game Clone Ball Rush. If you are a fan of rollerball-themed games but are looking for something new, this game is a great suggestion for you. Combine rolling balls and collect other balls by going through the calculation doors. This game also helps you train your ability to think and calculate quickly. Are you ready to take on this challenge? Don't hesitate to start the race right now! Let's set new records here!

The ball must be handled properly. To create additional little balls and quickly complete the level, tap the mechanism. Your present balls will grow or increase as a result of the green walls. Your balls will grow or shrink depending on the color of the wall. By helping at least one ball get past the flag and cross the finish line, try to finish the level. The game's many stages will challenge you in many ways. The game's special effects are just outstanding. Don't miss Clone Ball Rush if you enjoy playing running ball games.

How to play

You control your ball by using the mouse and sliding the snag on either side.