About Contra (USA)

Some information about Contra (USA)

The playing rule

Contra (USA) is a classic shooting retro game developed by Konami. Control the character to shoot down as many rivals as possible and destroy their basement.

In this game, you transform into a professional shooter who is armed with a powerful gun. Your objective is to find out the rivals’ basement and destroy it. However, you have to be careful as you can meet many enemies and deadly traps along the way. The enemies will actively attack you to stop you from reaching their base. Therefore, you have to knock out them before they do that with you. Remember that you have three lives which are represented by medals. If you get a shot, you will lose a life. It means that if you die three times, the game is over. Therefore, attempt to avoid the bullets of your opponents. Besides, you can earn extra lives by killing many rivals. If you see any pill box sensors or flying capsules, don’t ignore them. Destroy them to get new abilities and different weapons.

How to control

  • Press an X key to shoot one shot
  • Press an S key to shoot three shots
  • Press a Z key to jump
  • Press a Down arrow key to prone
  • Press Left or Right arrow keys to move left or right
  • Press an Up arrow key to raise the gun

Game modes and stages in Contra (USA)

Playable game modes

This game offers two game modes including 1 Player and 2 Player. If you play this game alone, choose the 1 Player mode. Contrarily, if you want to have fun with your friends, choose the 2 Player mode. This mode allows you and your friends to play the game on the same computer. In addition, in this mode, you can "steal" lives from your friends in order to join the game.

The stages in the game

There is a total of 5 stages in this game. Each stage features different terrain and boss. For example, the terrain of the first stage is the jungle. In this stage, your goal is to destroy the Defense Wall. In this second stage, you have to fight against Garmakilma in the base. Try to complete all stages in this game and prove that you are the best.