Couple Rich Rush

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About Couple Rich Rush

Couple Rich Rush is a couple of fun arcade parkour games. Your mission is to help the couple earn money and increase their wealth on the run.

Welcome to the fun game Couple Rich Rush. This game proves that a couple can make more money moving forward together. they can coordinate well and support each other. In difficult times, you can completely transfer money from your wife to your husband or vice versa to avoid unnecessary trips abroad. Start the game and help this couple earn a lot of money and overcome challenges together.

Your duty as a distributor. You need to observe the obstacles ahead to be able to make the best decisions in order to keep the newly collected money of this couple. Do it to get money safe in hand when one of them reaches the obstacle, which is usually red because when they hit or go through the red doors, they lose money. They wouldn't have lost that much if it had been moved to another. The same goes for making money, so make sure to go through the green portals and other items that seem likely to multiply or increase your wealth.

How to play

Please use the mouse to transfer money from husband to wife or vice versa.